Body Scrubs

French Sea Glow Body Polish       

This rejuvenating body treatment exfoliates the body of dead skin cells (using a mixture of essential oils, sea salts, and a hydrating cream) to increase blood circulation and smooth and tone your skin.

45 min. $85

Organic White Tea Body Scrub

This relaxing body scrub uses mineral rich sea salts combined with natural essential oils to exfoliate and calm the body.

30 min. $65

Body Lifting

SmoothSculpt Lifting Treatment

Designed to smooth, contour, and tighten skin on all areas of the body. No injections & chemical free.  Best results after six treatments.    

March Special $75 each area (such as stomach, thighs, arms, hips, chin, etc.)

Regular price $150

Smooth Sculpt Deluxe Machine SmoothSculpt is an innovative new method designed to help smooth, contour and tighten skin on all areas of the face and body by combining advanced aesthetic technology with a non-invasive holistic approach to skin revitalization. By utilizing pressure pulsing and suction movements through a cupping wand, SmoothSculpt stimulates the skin for a smoother, more defined look. With SmoothSculpt beautiful, youthful-looking skin is a possibility at any age.

SmoothSculpt focuses on the treatment of Extra Cellular Matrix, (ECM) which is a FILTER SYSTEM which sits between blood vessels, nerves and cells. Over time, cellular debris and toxins accumulate and create skin dibbles or cellulite. The treatment is administered by a trained and certified aesthetician, who will use a cupping wand which utilizes pressure (pulsing) and suction movement to stimulate the skin. This action will promote lymphatic drainage; relieve lymphatic blockage and stagnation of ECM. This will also help cleanse the ECM, support blood flow and collagen stimulation to plump and firm the skin.

The science behind the SmoothSculpt is to unclog the stagnation and congestion, while breaking down fat and reducing the appearance of cellulite with the pulsing and suction effects. The treatment is chemical free, there are no injections, no down time and there are noticeable results based on your age, and diet. SmoothSculpt is also a great alternative for individuals who have had dramatic weight loss, as the system simulates collagen while plumping and firming. 

Body Wraps


Seaweed Body Wrap

Warm seaweed algae is applied warm to stimulate the circulation and increase metabolism, ridding thebody of impurities. An excellent treatment to metabolic stimulation of the skin. Ideal for cellulite or weight loss programs. 

45 min. $70

Cucumber Cooling Wrap

This soothing treatment uses natural cucumbers, chamomile, and tea tree oils in a soothing body wrap to draw heat from the body, remove toxins and impurities, and smoothe your skin.

45 min. $70

Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap with Aromatherapy      

This body wrap reduces the appearance of cellulite, reshapes the contours of your body, and eliminates excess fat and unwanted toxins using essential oils.

60 min. $100

Herbal Detoxifying Wrap

This invigorating treatment uses heated, sea-weed based mud in a full body wrap to reduce fluid retention and detoxify the body.

45 min. $70

Dead Sea Mud Wrap  

This luxurious mud wrap glides in a velvety layer of natural salt and minerals to exfoliate and hydrate skin, remove impurities and draw out toxins.

60 min. $90

Purifying Body Mud Wrap       

This treatment begins with full body exfoliating to nourish and smooth the skin, followed by a seaweed mud mask to hydrate, tone, and detoxify the body.

60 min. $80


Chocolate Ultra Moisturizing Wrap

Uses nourishing chocolate in a velvety full body wrap to hydrate, moisturize, and smooth the skin.

60 min. $110