All Massages 10% Off!!

Chair Massage                                     10 MIN ... $16          

Swedish Massage                  

This classic full body treatment uses long flowing strokes to reduce stress, promote circulation, and relax muscle tissue.

30 min. $55    60 min. $110   80 min. $125

Deep Tissue Massage              

Releases muscle tension to achieve ultimate relaxation through deep finger pressure on specific points of the body.

30 min. $65    60 min. $110  80 min. $135

Hot Stone Massage                        

Stone therapy uses heated basalt stones combined with a Swedish massage to relax muscle tissue and improve micro circulation.

75 min. $125


This treatment concentrates on the feet and hands to relax the entire body and stimulate healthy, functioning internal organs.

30 min. $55  

Scalp, Shoulders or Back Massage

Focuses on relaxing the scalp, shoulders or massage in this quick-fix massage.

30 min. $48

Couple’s Massage                           

Enjoy your relaxing massage in the company of your loved one in our romantic couples’ room. Includes two glasses of champagne or wine.

60 min. $170

Phyto-Aromatic  Treatment with Brushes

This gentle massage uses phyto-aromatic brushes to create unique sensations that soothe and calm the body.

30 min. $50